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Dec 24, 2021 iOS

what is mean by ios App Thinning swift


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App Thinning iOS Swift

Aspect of App Thinning

App Slicing


The first aspect of ios App Thinning swift we are going to discuss is slicing. in step with Apple, “Slicing is that the process of developing and distributing app bundle variations for several target devices. A App version contains only the executable kind of architecture and resources that are needed for the targeted device.” In other words, App Slicing have delivers only through relevant assets to every device (depending on screen resolution, architecture, etc.) In fact, app slicing handles the bulk of the app thinning process. When your archive is prepared and you’re able to submit the app, we want to upload the .IPA or .App file to iTunes Connect, as you usually would (but must use Xcode 13 because it contains the iOS 15 SDK with support for app thinning). The App Store then compress and slices the app, creating specific version that are distributed to every device betting on its capabilities.

On Demand Resources

To fully comprehend and app thinning, it’s imperative that you just also understand On Demand Resources (ODR). On demand resources which are files which will be downloaded from the AppStore after the app’s first installation. as an example, specific levels of a game (and these levels’ associated content) can be downloaded only the player has unlocked them. Further, earlier levels that the player has not engaged with after a specific set time are often removed to save {lots of|to avoid wasting} lots of storage on the device.Enabling on demand resources involves changing the “Enable On Demand Resources” boolean to “Yes” in Xcode settings (under Build Settings) .



The third and final aspect of App Thinning is bitcode. Bitcode is somewhat abstract, but in essence, it’s Apple’s new way of optimizing apps before they’re downloaded. Bitcode makes apps as faster and as efficient as possible on whichever device they’re running on. Bitcode automatically compiles the app for the foremost recent compiler and optimizes it for specific architectures (i.e. arm64 for 64 bit processors like the iPhone 12 and iPad Air ). Bitcode makes downloads smaller by eliminating optimizations that are made for various architectures and rather downloads only the relevant optimizations and works hand in hand with the above mentioned app thinning technologies. Bitcode may be a new feature to iOS application, and desires to be turned on as for newer projects. This can be done via the the project settings under Build Settings and selecting bitcode to YES.

App Thinning in Your Own Projects


Although Xcode and also the App Store handles the bulk of the App Thinning process, there are certain precautions you want to go for ensure your app works with this new technology. First and foremost, you want to use asset catalogs. Asset catalogs are the basically termed as default in most of the apps at now. If you haven’t already adopted Asset Catalogs, much of your existing content may be transferred over to a catalog by pressing the “Use Asset Catalog” button under Xcode’s project settings as seen below.

Aspect of App Thinning