SwiftUi vs storyboard

Dec 21, 2021 swiftui

SwiftUI or StoryBoard what to choose

Today most of the iOS developer are confused on picking SwiftUI or storyboard. Most of the developer are familiar with Interface builder which is known as storyboard which usually uses the XIB . We hope to give the comparision between user interface SwiftUI vs Storyboard

While developing the application we thing about what to use SwiftUI Storyboard what to use in the projects.

But we see that storyboard and xib’s are converted in the form of XML file . When there are multiple developer in the team we get the merge issue . To overcome this issue apple has come up with the SwiftUI which is completely a code based application development .

As Apple introduce SwiftUI in WWDC . They did not deprecated Storyboard or Xib’s . Storyboard provides the drag and drown functionality due to which it was been easier for the developer to set the constraints and has the autoLayout. But every time developer needs to build the code to see the UI of the App .This Difficulties are overcome by SwiftUI.

The SwiftUI provides the Update at the side as we update UI using the code. Any Developer can move over swiftUI or Storyboard

user interface SwiftUI Vs Storyboard DrawBacks


  1. swiftui is introduce for apps over iOS 13. thus it is not supported in the older OS version.
  2. SwiftUI is recently developed thus developer are used to storyboard and Xibs.
  3. SwiftUI is not matured .There are some missing features in swiftui like we connot use custom navigator bar to NavigationView
  4. As SwiftUI is new thus tutorial or reference are limited,.


  1. Storyboard are of type interface builder UI this it is stored in the form of XML format.
  2. Storyboard and Xibs creates a large files in the application.
  3. If conflicts is produced in the storyboard it is very difficult to resolve the issues.

As swiftui is introduced it leverage the use of it .

  1. We no longer need to decide between whether we need to use programmatically or storyboard based UI. All the design are created in the form of swiftUI.
  2. With use of bindable object and properties we reduce the dependency of Rxswift and other framework.
  3. Management code is became much easier as dependency over XML will be reduce.
  4. It can be used in multiple Apple platform. SwiftUI is design for it.

SwiftUI or StoryBoard

SwiftUI over Storyboard Advantages

  1. Single framework can be used for multiple platform like iPhone OS, watch OS and mac OS
  2. As there is no Storyboard thus use of AutoLayout is neglected.
  3. The Views in SwiftUI can be Reused.
  4. It offers reactive Programming by using bindable object method.
  5. Code is clean and easier.
  6. There is no need to run the simulator over again and again thus it reduces the developer time.

Storyboard Advantages over SwiftUI

  1. It is easier to use Storyboard as a beginner .
  2. Storyboard consist of Xib and custom View which can be reusable in the projects.
  3. It is easier to build an app as there is only drag and drop of the elements of the storyboard.
  4. It consist of use number of developer who are used to Swift Storyboard.

SwiftUI vs StoryBoard

Swiftui is not matured enough compared to storyboard as storyboard has the large community of developer. Large number of community iOS developer are used to storyboard as most of the developer have started with the swiftUI .SwiftUI makes more sense compared to storyboard as it is easy to learn and adopt in the projects.

SwiftUI may be the future but most of project developed which are in the App Store are in the form of storyboard. What do you feel will swiftUI will replace the Storyboard as soon.

What do you think about user interface swiftUI Vs Storyboard please share your valuable feedback and also please comment below