How to add Image in Launch Screen in SwiftUI

Jul 21, 2021 swiftui

How to add Image in Launch Screen in SwiftUI

Hi Guys Today we going to implement the launch Screen (Splash Screen ) in SwiftUI, A Launch screen is the important screen in iOS Application .

Initially the While Creating the new Xcode project,   Xcode would automatically generate LaunchScreen.storyboard  to design the  launch screen in storyBoard Framework.

If you wanted to a launch screen in SwiftUI frameWork there is no longer launch storyboard is available.

Xcode 12 has introduce a setup to perform launch screen implementation in SwiftUI. the Tool has provided the setup for Launch Screen

Tutorial for implementation of Launch Screen 

The Image Below Shows the launch screen for iOS App. The launch screen adapt the different mode of dark and light mode.

1) Import the image for launch screen in asset catalog folder

Launch Screen in SwiftUI

2) Since iOS content both dark and Light Mode we needed to set the colour asset for both mode

Setup  Launch Screen in SwiftUI

3) Setup the launch Screen

To add the launch screen in SwiftUI  you need to add it in info.plist on the info.plist search for the  launch screen in info.plist In launch screen click the arrow left to the launch screen name. click +  button and add the image name beside the image as shown in the image below

Launch Screen

Now Try to run the Xcode to  see the launch image appear in the screen of the simulator

swiftUI launch screen