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May 25, 2021 Swift

Swift code documentation generator with Jazzy

Swift Documentation Generation

Table of Content:

  1.  Terminal Setup
  2.  Install Ruby

Swift code documentation generator

Swift code documentation generator :Every programmer is obsessed with programming Documentation. To reduce this problem we can use jazzy Documentation. Swift requires documentation of code

Swift Doc Format

To install the Jazzy Documentation WE need to open terminal in mac

1) enter sudo code

$sudo gem install jazzy 

2) enter your password of the user

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3) Make sure Ruby is install in your system install or upgrade Ruby and then re-execute sudo gem install jazzy

4) if ruby is not installed execute the below code

A.) $ curl -L get.rvm.io | bash -s stable

B.) $ source ~/.bashrc

C.) $ source ~/.bash_profile


5) view the version of Ruby

     $ rvm -v

6) To update the version of ruby execute the code example to update the code to Ruby 2.3.9

$ rvm install 2.3.9

7) After updating the ruby re-execute the sudo gem install jazzy

8) after successfully installation of Ruby and jazzy , go to the Project root Directory

$ cd path_to_project_folder

then excute

$ jazzy –min-acl internal -x -workspace,Workspace.xcworkspace,-scheme,Scheme


$ jazzy –min-acl internal -x -workspace,projectname.xcworkspace,-scheme, projectname


9) if facing issue then execute these following command:-

A.) xcodebuild build -workspace Workspace.xcworkspace -scheme Scheme

B.) jazzy –min-acl internal -x -workspace,Workspace.xcworkspace,-scheme,Scheme



10)Then you will see the output in terminal

$ jam out ♪♫ to your fresh new docs in docs


Goto Project Folder -> docs – open Index.html. 

Example of Documenting Code inside any Class :-



– Parameters:

– VC : View Controller over which the function is called. You can use self, or provide a view controller name.

– message: Pass your alert message in String.

– okClickHandler: This will give you call back inside block when OK button is clicked





After Documenting anything , Run the below comman   jazzy –min-acl internal -x -workspace,Workspace.xcworkspace,-scheme,Scheme